Success Stories

My name is Omar Travis,

and I am a returning citizen who once served time in a Mississippi correctional facility. Upon my release, I faced many different struggles, including gaining employment, finding a mentor, and securing a place to live. By God’s grace alone, I was able to receive support from my family and friends; but sadly, this is not the case for many men and women who return to society.

MORE, the program that I am now employed with, meets the challenges that returning citizens face in their journey to a stable, more productive lifestyle. We offer a safe living environment that provides jobs, transportation, education, nutritional meals, and mentors to assist in each individual’s transition. The goal of MORE is to enter into a covenant relationship with those who choose to overcome their circumstances.

It is vital that these components combine to lessen the chances of going back to prison. I have learned, through personal experience, that the greater the support system, the greater the chance for success. MORE is the most comprehensive program I have encountered that can effectively reduce recidivism and offer hope to those who seek it.

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