M.O.R.E.’s vision is to provide assistance each year to those who are transitioning from incarceration to healthy and productive members of the community.

Our Mission

The mission of M.O.R.E. is to provide housing, employment, mentoring, and instruction in specific areas of need so that former inmates may transition from incarceration to the community as healthy and responsible citizens.

Past, Present & Future

In any given month, there is an average of 300 parole-eligible inmates, both male and female, who remain behind bars simply because they have no place to go. Often unwelcomed among family and community, these people struggle to find work and readjust to a life of freedom. Because of this, nearly 37.9% of these former inmates end up returning to the judicial system within three years. Without some intervention and support, the cycle will continue.

In January of 2018, four Christian men became aware of these convicting numbers, and felt called to take action. Over several months of meeting, planning, and praying, the Mississippi Offender Reentry Experience was formed, determined to break the cycle and change the statistics, while simultaneously providing hope, and setting up returning citizens for success.

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